Invisalign Dentist Cliffside Park, NJ

An Invisalign® dentist can help people fix crooked and misaligned teeth. While many people are reluctant to get visible metal braces, Invisalign offers a clear, almost invisible alternative. This system of clear aligners gently moves teeth into alignment to help them achieve their smile goals.

Invisalign is available at Cliffside Family Dentistry in Cliffside Park and the surrounding area. Patients in search of a discreet method of tooth correction can wear Invisalign without anyone knowing. Contact us at (201) 917-7977 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

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    The iTero Element 5D Imaging System

    A next level imaging system with NIRI (Near-Infrared Imaging) technology which aids in interproximal caries detection. More expertise and engagement in a single scan

    One imaging system does it all.

    3D digital impressions. Crisp intraoral scanning. Treatment simulation. And more – without harmful radiation.

    Advanced technology to scan internal tooth structure.

    The first 3D intraoral scanner with Near-Infrared Imaging (NIRI) technology to aid in your diagnostic detection and monitoring of interproximal caries above the gingiva in real time.

    This gets our patients excited about what their new smiles could look like.

    The Invisalign Outcome Simulator keeps our patients engaged and treatments on track.

    Show your patients how their treatment is progressing with iTero Time Lapse technology.

    We want our patients to see their changes over time, so you are more likely to stay engaged and take better care of your oral health, which helps you to keep an eye on treatment progress, for better outcomes.

    We work more efficiently with the lab.

    We can send restorative STL files directly to the lab or export them from our iTero cloud account.